Account Opening

Individual / Joint Name Account 

(1) Customer Information Statement
(2) W-8 Form
(3) Annual Standing Authority (Custodian/Margin Account)
(4) Internet Trading Account Application Form
(5) Anti-Money Laundering Risk Assessment Form
(6) Terms and Conditions for Securities Trading and Margin Financing
(7) Copy of ID card
(8) Copy of Address Proof within Three Months
(9) HongKong Bank Statement Copy (if any)
Valid address proof includes: Bank statements, credit card statements, utility bills, etc., and documents issued by the Public Security Bureau can also be used as a valid address proof. If the client’s residential address is as same as the one shown on the identity card, then the identity card can be used as address proof.
The address proof should include the name and address of the client, the name of issuing organization and the issue date.

Corporate Account

(1) Customer Information Statement 
(2) W-8 Form-E
(3) Personal / Company Guarantee Letter (margin account applicable)
(4) CRS Self Certification – Entity
(5) CRS Self Certification – Controlling person (if applicable)
(6) CRS Self Certification – Individual (if applicable)
(7) CRS FATCA and related appendices
(8) Certified [1] copies of Business Registration Certificate and Certificate of Incorporation 
(9) Third Party Authorization (with a certified copy of the authorized person’s identity card)
(10) Certified Copy of address proof within three months
(11) Certified Copy of the List of Directors
(12) Certified Copy of the Register of Members
(13) Certified Copy of all directors, authorized persons and ultimate beneficial owners’ identity proof [2]
(14) Certified Copy of the Memorandum Articles of Association and other Constitutional documents
(15) Certified Copy of Board Resolution authorizing the opening of securities accounts, execution of the account opening documents, and specifying authorized personnel(s) to sign documents or place order on behalf of the company with relevant specimen signature 
(16) Certified Copy of identity card of all authorized persons
(17) If the shareholder of the client is a company, obtain the identity card and residential address proof (within 3 months) of individual who is the ultimate beneficial owner of the customer
(18) Standing Settlement Instruction (Auto Transfer) or Client Standing Settlement Bank Account
(19) Certified Copy of Certificate of Incumbency and Certificate of Good Standing issued by the registered agent within the past six months(applicable to overseas corporations)
(20) Hong Kong bank proof(if any)

[1] Certification is only effective when it is signed off by third party professional (e.g.Lawyer, accountant)
[2] Substantial shareholder is defined as parties or individuals that hold the ultimate beneficial interest, or holding 10% or more voting rights of the company

Account Opening Service
Customers need to bring along with the account opening documents and visit our company in person for account opening. A welcome email will be sent to your registered email once the account opened. Address:Units 11-12, 22F, COSCO Tower, 183 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong