Company Overview

We are a China-focused financial group of companies, headquartered in Hong Kong, investing globally in sector and location agnostic investment and special situations opportunities. We have extensive network and resources in identifying high potential opportunities and provides integrated solutions to potential targets including financial advisory, financing and exit strategies.


The investment team is composed of experienced professionals from leading financial institutions with extensive investment experience in global financial markets. They are experienced in traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds, as well as alternative investments, PE and fund of funds.


Our clients are professional investors who understand the value of true financial partnership and we work with you to identify priorities that are important to you and unique to your circumstances. Together, we develop a step-by-step, long term strategy that we will monitor and adjust to ensure that the plan consistently reflects your goals.


Our global network of professional partners includes large multinational private banks, custodian banks, independent trust companies, legal advisors, fund administrator services and audit firms.




The board of directors of Original Financial Group is committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate governance practice within the company.

Global Footprints

Original Financial Group has a global financial servicing network covering the world’s major capital markets including Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, London, Tokyo, and Korea